Model Driven Engineer

Baan gegevens

  • Bedrijf: Independent Recruiters
  • Plaats: Amsterdam Zuidoost
  • Plaatsingsdatum: 23-09-2022
  • Werkniveau: Universitair
  • Werkervaring: 3 - 5 jaar ervaring
  • Dienstverband: Vast contract
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  • Senior Developer - MDSE

    Toegevoegd op 05-12-2022 door Independent Recruiters

    Do you have a passion for software engineering and a strong background in MDSE? Are you interested in joining a dynamic team working on cutting-edge software projects? If so, we want to hear from you!We are seeking an experienced Senior Developer - MDSE to lead the design and implementation of complex software systems. In this role, you will have the opportunity to use your skills and experience to drive the development of innovative software solutions using the latest MDSE tools.To be...

    Independent Recruiters
  • Software Engineer (DSL)

    Toegevoegd op 02-12-2022 door Independent Recruiters

    If you want to be a part of a team which builds different domain-specific languages to solve specific problems in web applications, we would like to connect with you.If it interests you, that means you already have knowledge about DSL. You will be part of our team of software development experts who are busy building Domain IDE and several DSLs to deal with specific problem statements within each project. You will be writing Domain specific languages for already built Domain IDE, or build it...

    Independent Recruiters
  • Software Engineer - Typescript and/or Java

    Toegevoegd op 01-12-2022 door Independent Recruiters

    Are you someone who has explored and worked on Full stack development with Typescript? Not just for front-end, but also for browser and backend application development. As a software engineer at F1RE, you will be working on latest, smartest and most innovative tools and technologies like writing Domain specific languages with the help of tools like Xtext, or making code generators, or making use of projectional editors with MPS tool edit representation of codes.So, what will you do as a...

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  • Software Engineer with Jetbrains MPS knowledge

    Toegevoegd op 29-11-2022 door Independent Recruiters

    There is a special place for people with Jetbrains MPS experience. The tool has strong fanbase, and you are one of them. At F1RE we feel you, and we want you to become one of us! So, there is no need to have an in depth job description explaining what is what. Why this job is good for you or what you need to be doing. We are already aligned.We expect you to have knowledge and experience with a project where MPS is in the scope. On what aspect we are eager to hear from you, what you did and...

    Independent Recruiters
  • DSL Engineer

    Toegevoegd op 28-11-2022 door Independent Recruiters

    Looking for your next DSL project? Be a part of a bunch of MDE experts? Always wanted to work on the most challenging domain specific language engineering projects in the Netherlands. Continue reading below on what we have to offer.You are an experienced DSL engineer. In your job you are responsible for developing and designing DSLs (Domain Specific Languages), the generated software runtime and the generator itself. You will work on the design and development of various components. You will...

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